I've been singing since I was a kid.  I don't remember exactly when, other than the brief memory flashes of getting lyrics and sheet music to go along with my family's two-cassette CBS-FOX VHS box set of The Sound of Music. I watched that first tape endlessly (by which point, the second tape seemed like a lot of time and effort to continue with).

Not too much later, my older brother got his first acoustic guitar. Just so I wouldn't get left out, I got a harmonica in C.  His interest in the guitar came and went by the time he finished college, while I never quite achieved proficiency with that harmonica.  Thus, I ended up inheriting his guitar and started picking it up at the age of 14 (I have since permanently misplaced the harmonica).

Over the course of high school, I grew to love They Might Be Giants, rockabilly, surf rock, first wave punk, second wave ska, and new wave. I also rekindled a love of musical theatre, performing in Working, Carousel, Bye Bye Birdie, and a musical review to close out my senior year.

College at UC Santa Cruz brought with it an interest in 90s R&B, neo-soul, oldschool and golden age hip-hop, new jack swing, and classic country.  I also discovered collegiate a cappella, and would spend four years with Isang Himig Multicultural A Cappella, getting to direct during my senior year.

The years following introduced me to folk, classic soul, and a whole lot of singer-songwriters. Through the Tuesday Night Cafe space, I met tons of amazing artists, sang backup vocals for Scott Tang, and even started to play a few of my own songs.

As time went on, I've gotten the opportunity to collaborate with lots of wonderful folks and play a number of events: Tony T Nguyen's Tony T Sessions, Fight For Youth organized by Sue Jin, Kaleidoscope with Monk Turner, common ground, and of course, the Tuesday Night Cafe.

Now I'm working on more fun collaborations, writing and recording my songs, and slowly inching my way toward an EP.  I hope you'll have a listen to everything along the way.